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"Is a black man who's well dressed, in a suit - is he going to be treated any differently from a black guy in a hoodie? That is left for the viewer to decide." CBC Arts, November 2017

Reinventing Museums

In an era of reconciliation, museums have struggled with how to face their colonial roots and connect with communities with whom they may not have traditionally had the best relations. The Agenda discusses how museums are addressing these questions with museum consultants and executives: Gail Lord, Silvia Forni, Gordon Shadrach and Andrew Hunter. (Wednesday, February 21st, 2018)

Now or Never Podcast

Artist is featured in Now or Never Podcast aired on Saturday, February 24th. 

A Toronto artist and teacher helps ROM 'challenge' African-Canadian stereotypes

By day, Gordon Shadrach is a Grade 2 teacher at Kew Beach Junior Public School in Toronto's east-end, but by night, he's a painter whose work is now being featured in the Royal Ontario Museum's newest exhibition - something he says is "beyond my wildest dreams." Shadrach has been featured at venues such as the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the Queen West Art Crawl.

This painter challenges views of black men one portrait at a time | CBC Radio

Toronto artist Gordon Shadrach is becoming well-known for his striking portraits of black men. He's painted them wearing everything from five-piece Victorian-era suits to hoodies and ripped jeans - even faces peering out from under dreadlocks, top hats, headwraps and fitted hats. Shadrach puts all his paintings in antique frames and sells them through Instagram and art fairs.

Here We Are Here: Black Canadian Contemporary Art

PRESENTED BY January 27, 2018 to April 22, 2018 What is the Black Canadian presence and history in our country? Explore these ideas, and the issues of belonging, in the ROM original exhibition, Here We Are Here: Black Canadian Contemporary Art, presented by TD Bank Group, through the contemporary works of nine Canadian artists.

The ROM's Here We Are Here pushes back against narrow views of Blackness

HERE WE ARE HERE: BLACK CANADIAN CONTEMPORARY ART at the Royal Ontario Museum (100 Queen's Park). 10 am-5:30 pm, $14-$20. To April 22. Blackness is not a monolith. It's a phrase oft repeated by the community (and a likely contender for Paste Magazine's next listicle: 6 More Things Black People Need to Stop Saying to White People in 2018).

Canadian House and Home - February 2018 - Painting Written in Store

Canadian House and Home - February 2018 - Painting Written in Store

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Here We Are Here - Black Canadian Contemporary Art - The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The MMFA will highlight contemporary creations by Black Canadians. Here We Are Here: Black Canadian Contemporary Art invites reflection through commissions or works by a dozen artists of African Canadian origin. Reviewing the deep-rooted histories associated with Black Canadians, the exhibition confronts the visitor with the persistence of the narratives.

Globe Mail Style Advisor Spring 2018

Globe Mail Style Advisor Spring 2018


It all started when…

When I was a teenager and my parents encouraged me to explore the arts as a way of expression. My journey took many twists and turns, including working in industrial design, returning to University as an adult and exploring different elements of material art and design, getting a Master's in Education, working with children, and returning to the process of creating art for expression and the joy of it in 2012. Thank you for visiting for my site and I hope you enjoyed seeing the artwork!